get yourself prepared

Remember in March of  2020 when everyone when everyone went crazy for the  2-ply?   Those crazy preppers seemed a little less bonkers by April.   You can’t plan for everything but you should have enough supplies on hand.  If you can afford a back up generator then get one.  I know a few Texans that wished they had one earlier this year. Yes, they are expensive but sure beats freezing to death or worrying about bursting pipes.  

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of long-term water storage. There are expiration dates on bottled water for a reason. Avoid leaching and funky tasting water with long term water containers.

Can, freeze, dehydrate, and hoard a little. 


mason jars, dehydrated, fruit

TEN THINGS TO have stocked up

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  1. Long term BPA Free Water Container made  from Food-Grade-Plastic
  2. Water purifying tabs
  3. Canned food, canned or boxed milk,  granola  bars,  peanut butter, tuna,  dehydrated foods, pasta, rice, beans, nuts, jerky, anything with a long shelf life. Don’t forget toiletries, feminine products and laundry detergent  
  4.  Survival meals and long term food storage 
  5. Vitamins, OTC meds, and prescriptions 
  6. Batteries, duct tape, flashlights, tarp, plywood, gloves 
  7. First Aid kit 
  8. Cleaning supplies
  9. Pet food 
  10. Ammunition (you never know)
  11. Obviously, there are lot of things you may or may not need. This list is more of a starter pack.