Romabio Limewash

My family room needed an inexpensive makeover. I hated the orange brick and golden oak cabinets but put the project off for years ( as one does when they aren’t truly motivated). One day at Home Depot I saw a product called Romabia Lime Wash. The price was decent and the application looked simple enough.  Several shades are offered so I settled on Avoria White

Romabio can by used inside or outside on masonry or brick. Its a non-toxic mineral based product and simple to use. It’s available in 3 different sizes. A quart covers about 80-100 square feet. I ordered a quart and have plenty left.  I ended up doing about 2 coats, wiping off some of the product as I went just because I wanted some brick to show. I sanded down my built-in cabinets first and painted them Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.

Pros-Non-toxic, no odor, and fast drying. If you get heavy-handed, you can take off some of the product later.

Cons-Smaller packages weren’t readily available at Home Depot. It only took a few days to odor which gave me time to sand the built-in. What fun that was. 


Supply list

  • water and bucket for mixing
  • masonry brush
  • something to mix water and product with. A  paint stick was fine for my small job.
  • prep work is just cleaning the brick and vacuuming it off.
  • a few small foam brushed to get to get into the grout
  • old towels to blot off product