starting is the hardest part
Finishing is a close second

Inexpensive projects

The best way to deal with stress is creating art.   I like to repaint my surrounding a lot more than the average person. Therefore, paint chips are always around. I never throw them away. I always grab a few in the paint aisle. It’s the thrill of stealing with none of the guilt.  The best part about paint chips is, besides the non-existent price, is the you don’t need many tools. Just let your intuition be your sherpa.

Paint chip art

For these I used matte board. Went to town cutting up paint chips. Arranged them and built my tree. Then I glued them piece by piece on the matte board. I stared with a tacky glue but it was too irritating. I ended up just lightly brushing the back with mod podge. When the entire thing was done I took a foam brush and covered with mod podge.  

The flowers in the vase was inspired by a painting I saw on Pinterest. I’m not a strong painter and wanted to do it my own way. Simple and cheap. The best kind of therapy.

Please don’t eat the glue, put on your body, or in your hair. You’d think that would be common sense but…


  • Scissors and paper punch/shape cutters
  • Pain chips and/or paper
  • glue stick or some form of glue (don’t eat it or put in hair)
  • Matte board
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush


  •  Cut pieces of paper
  • Glue one piece at a time & go easy on the glue. I found glue stick is the cleanest to work with
  • Let it dry for a day when done
  • Lightly Mod Podge using a clean foam brush. 

Cheap ass coasters

For less than 2 dimes you can buy a white square tile at your home improvement store.  

This one is a diamond shape punched paper with a vinyl decal I purchased on Etsy (before I became bitter).  I took blue marker to the sides and coated the coaster with a 2 part resin I purchased on Amazon.

Follow the directions on your resin. You need a very small amount for this.  Let your tile dry where it won’t be disturbed  by cats. It take several days to cure, longer if it’s humid. 

Attach cork circles  on the bottom.  

(Don’t put hot items on your coasters)

Alchol ink Coasters

  • Alcohol inks can be used on glazed ceramic, glass and metal.
  • Allow to dry for a few days before coating with resin.
  • Clearly I never developed a skill but it was fun.
  • Practice on Yupo paper which is a tree free synthetic paper.  It’s not cheap. Great way to spend your stimulus check. Yupo mean You Poor in some language…maybe, I don’t know. 
  • Wear gloves as it will stain.