Books to keep you awake

The Octopus of Global Control, by Charlie  Robinson. This little eye opener was published in 2017.  Robinson sarcastically and fearlessly explains the eight tentacles of global control: military, governmental, covert, physical, financial, media, spiritual, and scientific. You may find the scientific tentacle of special interest during a year of expedited vaccines. This is the perfect read for someone who knows  the most interesting story isn’t the one you’ll ever hear. You might not agree with all of it but you will enjoy the quotes and question everything. It manages to be a quick read even though it’s 500 pages.   

Missing 411, series by David Paulides. How many people go missing each year in National Parks? I guess that depends on who you ask. Paulides is a retired police detective who researches past and recent missing persons cases.  He’s found startling coincidences in many cases. Sure people may disappear on their own fruition, get lost, or have an accident. He tells the case without embellishment or speculation. Many simply make no sense at all.  His books can be purchases on the Canam Project site.  He has two films, Missing 411 and Missing 411:The Hunted which can be  viewed on Prime, Hulu, or purchased on the Canam Projects site.  Some stories make absolutely no sense. 

Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963, by Donald Jeffries. Jeffries paints a different picture of leaders and their legacies.  Much of  what we learned in school  turns out be nonsense. Thought Teddy Roosevelt was a trust buster and progressive? Not so much.  Jeffries shows the dark under belly of history. You’ll wonder why you weren’t taught this in history.  Seems almost like there’s been an intentional cover-up. 

On the Path of Immortals, by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam. Honestly, any book by Horn doesn’t disappoint. He connects current event to bible prophecy.  Doesn’t really matter where you are in your spiritual journey.  Horn has dozens of books on the spiritual realm, the Vatican, transhumanism, the occult, and deep state.  So many things to question.


The list of books will continue to grow.  Please see contact page if you have suggestions.