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Serenity now:
Keeping pandora in the box

I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist  for many moon.  At this point I’ve heard every question and comment imaginable. Some people are thrown off  by the word “therapist.” We get asked “aren’t you a masseuse or masseur?” Or some people hear the word “therapist” and feel it’s a good time to talk about their personal problems. I’m here to tell you that massage is therapy. It’s a chance to tune out the world and connect mind, body, and spirit. That said,  it’s not the time to unleash Pandora from the box. By the way, some Massage Therapists get really irritated when you call them a masseuse. 

Ten Things your Massage Therapist wants you to know

1) Your therapist is not a psychic. If they ask you how pressure is and you say good, that’s the pressure they are going to keep using.  You will not hurt his/her feelings by saying you need more or less. If you bring it up after your session, then you’ve wasted your time.

2) Nobody cares that you didn’t shave your legs.  We don’t care about your follicle situation. We work on men and women, so a little hair is no big deal. It doesn’t even need to be brought up.  A little stubble is no trouble. All we really ask is that you shower the day of your service.  Refraining from garlic or pungent foods is nice too.

3) Put your phone away during your massage. Unless you are on call and have to answer, put it away. Seriously, just put the phone away. This is a time to not be distracted. If you can’t disconnect for one hour, then you do need a therapist, just not the type that does massage.

4)Tipping? Yes, you should tip. It’s a service, just like getting your food delivered to your home or table, your hair cut or nails done.   

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5) We aren’t doctors. We can’t and should not diagnose anything. If a mole looks weird we will tell you. If it seems you need a chiropractor or a physician, we will suggest it. We simply can’t and shouldn’t be giving out medical diagnosis.

6) Leave the room when you are dressed. You don’t need to run and check your messages. We might have an appointment immediately after. Please be respectful of that. 

7) If you can’t make your appointment call and cancel as soon as possible. Of course things come up at the last minute. We get it. Sometimes things happen beyond your control. Chances are your therapist is not paid if you don’t show. The earlier you cancel, the more likely the therapist is to rebook.

8) Keep politics off the table. Save it for Twitter or Facebook. 

9) There are over 80 different types of massage. We simply can’t practice them all.  

10) Please don’t smoke before your massage.  Also, please don’t come to your massage under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do you get lit for haircuts and dentist appointments?

Bonus: Yes, our hands get tired. Yes, we all have a creeper story. Yes, men sometimes have a physiological response and it’s really not a big deal.  Yes, we get sick of the music. 

how etsy sank my battleship

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One day I started watching You Tube videos  on opening a print on demand store on Etsy. Seemed like a great way to make some passive income, never mind that it’s a highly oversaturated market. Like any good American I just wanted to make a few bucks with as minimal effort as possible.  I have a dozen barn cats that, contrary to popular belief, don’t live off mice or table scraps. Scraps are for the chickens. ..duh. So after watching a dozen or so videos on the pros and cons of using Etsy, Teespring, Redbubble, Printify and Printful. I decided Etsy made the most sense for me.  But I was wrong.

I suffered through the painful process of  entering the first listing which you end up deleting anyhow.   I’m sure it’s easy when you are selling something you made yourself but I wasn’t going that route.  I got the first listing done and called it a night. The next morning I log on to start filling my store and see a notice that “your account has been suspended, please check e-mail.” I check my email and there is nothing.  I  wait a day and nothing. Following the advice I got off You Tube, I decide to just create a new shop and start over. I hadn’t got that far to start with. 

Second time around and it seems okay for a few weeks. I get a couple sales and more views.  Then one day I log into my store and and see that my account is suspended.  I send them nice polite message saying something like, “I’m sorry, I’m new here and I don’t understand what the issue is?” It takes a few days but I get an email saying “you’ve been identified as a threat. You are prohibited from buying or selling on Etsy.”  Like any good menopausal woman, I quickly fire off full of  an email filled with indignation and vitriol.  I had the passion of Greta Thunberg but the vocabulary of fourteen year-old girl. My words were short but my font was bold.

 If you sell on Etsy and are doing well, then congratulations to you. Feel free to write your own ass kissing blog. I’m suspended for life…I’m on Etsy death row. Nothing I listed for sale had profanity or adult content. No copyright laws were broken. I’ve  watched videos of  people who were banned or suspended. One gal used Etsy as her sole income and out of the blue was suspended. She  went through a process to get her account active again. What a pain to not know if and when you can make money again.  One gal was selling things with a kids’ cartoon character. Not going to say who he was but let’s just say he lives in a pineapple under the sea. Guess she didn’t understand how copyright works  which you’d think would be no brainer. Again, we live in a time when you have to explain to people that glue doesn’t go in hair. 

Did I have fun selling on Etsy? Nope. Did I learn a lot, still NO. Would I do it again? Heck no. Do they have great seller service? Solid NO. Would I buy on Esty? Sure, if the allowed me to but I’m banned forever.